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Cost-Effective IT Management

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Cloud infrastructure management

Adapting to the digital age demands robust and scalable cloud solutions. We provide seamless cloud infrastructure management, ensuring your operations never miss a beat.
Customized cloud strategy

Customized cloud strategy

Tailoring the cloud environment to your business needs.
Seamless migration

Seamless migration

Smooth transition from legacy systems to cloud platforms.

IT consultation & strategy

Stay ahead in a constantly evolving technological landscape. Our IT consultation services align technology with business objectives, ensuring you remain competitive and agile.
Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Navigating the shift to digital-first strategies.
Tech stack evaluation

Tech stack evaluation

Ensuring your tools and software are industry-leading.

Enterprise cybersecurity solutions

In an interconnected world, threats lurk at every digital corner. Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions shield your business, ensuring data integrity and trust.
Advanced  threat detection

Advanced threat detection

Employing AI-driven mechanisms to detect anomalies
Regular security audits

Regular security audits

Assessing and fortifying defenses periodically
Security Solutions

Security solutions

Malware & Ransomware

Utilizing Bitdefender’s advanced technology, Klouded offers top-tier protection against malware and ransomware, ensuring your systems are safeguarded against the latest cyber threats. Our robust backup recovery capabilities further enhance your security, providing reliable and swift data restoration in the event of any malicious attacks or data breaches.


Your data might be at risk

Increasing Endpoints

Klouded leverages industry best practices and state-of-the-art tools to effectively manage and secure an increasing number of endpoints in your IT environment. This approach ensures enhanced security, optimal performance, and streamlined management of every device connected to your network, from laptops to mobile devices.

Unsegmented Network Access

We deploy tools to address the challenges of unsegmented network access, strategically segmenting and securing your network to prevent unauthorized access and potential breaches. This approach not only fortifies your network’s security but also optimizes performance and control, ensuring safe and efficient access across your organization.


What are the managed IT Services offered by Klouded?

Klouded provides IT services and solutions to help organizations that don’t have the time or resources to manage their technology infrastructure.

Remote Tech Support

Common tech support solutions include end-user issues like internet connectivity problems, slow computers, lost passwords, printing difficulties, and login issues. We can remotely solve IT problems using cloud-based tools with full network access. Klouded remote support includes software installation, cloud services, troubleshooting, and more to keep your staff running efficiently.

Network Support

Are you looking to optimize your IT Network? Klouded offers comprehensive 24/7 monitoring and management for your entire network, including routers, firewalls, switches, and more. Our advanced automation quickly detects and alerts you of any device or connection failures, allowing us to proactively enhance the performance of your computers, servers, and other critical network components. We provide customized solutions to meet your specific operational requirements.

Backup and Recovery

Businesses today generate a large amount of data, and safeguarding it is crucial. This requires a strong data backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity. Investing in a reliable backup and recovery system is vital for protecting your company. At Klouded, we assist you in selecting, implementing, and managing the backup and recovery solution that suits your business. We offer many options to meet your backup and recovery requirements.

CyberSecurity Services

Businesses are concerned about security, but not many have the means to effectively fight cyber threats. That’s why businesses hire Managed IT Service Providers. At Klouded we have access to advanced cybersecurity protection around the clock.

Compute Management

Service providers can protect your business from cyberattacks by keeping your software and operating systems up to date. Failing to do so puts you at risk of missing out on new features and makes you vulnerable to hackers who target companies with outdated security. If you don’t have enough staff to regularly manage your IT infrastructure, Klouded can take over this responsibility. They will ensure business continuity by automating software updates, providing patch solutions, and implementing security solutions such as antivirus and antispam measures.

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